Renee Davis

"I have been learning yoga from Renee for  over three years.  Renee is flexible, not just in the physical sense, but also by accommodating her students' needs.  She easily challenges advanced students while providing alternative poses for those who have physical restrictions.  She instructs students on the correct alignment and breathing for the poses.  I was so impressed by Renee that I bought a private lesson for my mother after she healed from a bleed in her brain.  Renee worked with her to find gentle stretches that would slowly increase my mom's strength and balance.  Renee is a friendly, caring and incredibly enthusiastic and obviously loves Yoga... She encourages her students to add yoga to their everyday lives."  Lauren Bricker

 "Renee makes students at every level feel comfortable, encouraged and challenged. She gets to know each of her students strengths and trouble spots and celebrates everyone's progress. She is creative within the context of each class while always incorporating special requests. She also has a knack for making the group feel warm and  close knit. I look forward to her classes and always leave feeling positive and about ten years younger! :)" Renee Lamphere

"Renee is a great teacher. She's got a great sense of humor, loves what she does and is not judgemental of those of us who are not quite as good at the poses. She's patient, helpful and just plain fun. I look forward to her class every week. She's extremely positive, engaging person who wants to help others get some yoga into their lives and have fun doing it.  I will have a hard time taking classes from another teacher!"  Denise

​YOGA  for every age & body

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